I’ve been a fan of the BBCAmerica show Copper since it first premiered last year, and now the trailers are out for the fast approaching (although not quite fast enough for my taste) season 2.

For those of you who haven’t seen this amazing show. It’s set 1860’s New York, and Kevin Corcoran has returned home to find his daughter dead and his wife missing. He joins New York Police as a Detective, along with his best friend Francis Maguire and Andrew O’Brien.

Together (along with wealthy socialite Robert Morehouse, and Dr. Matthew Freeman) they solve crimes and work to uncover a plot to burn the city to the ground. Along the way, Kevin a.k.a. Corky learns that sometimes it’s your friends who harbor the darkest of secrets, and that in the end no one is above the law.

Copper premieres on BBCAmerica on June 23rd @10pm.


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