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I’ve just recently gotten into the whole sheet mask thing which is one of the essentials when it comes to KBeauty. Since then my skin was in dire need of some hydration, and I decided to go the mask route,  so I headed over to Sephora and picked out a few that captured my interest. (You’ll be spoiled for choice, but I’d go with masks that address your immediately concerns.) I went with 3 masks from Dr. Jart+ who is an expert in all thing KBeauty.

Now for the skinny on the three masks I tried out.

Water Replentishment
Water Replenishment

1| Water Replenishment – So this is the mask that I tried first. You leave it on for 15-20 minutes, so make sure you’ve let the pets out and taken care of everything you need to around the house before putting it on. As always you’ll want to cleanse your face before application for the best results.

What’s In It:

  • Marine Collagen – to hydrate
  • Chamomile Flower Water – to purify and calm your skin
  • Cactus Flower Extract – to prevent any moisture loss

The Skinny: I really liked how cool this mask felt on my skin and the fragrance wasn’t overpowering. Your skin will feel nice and hydrated. This mask is ideal for redness (not an issue I have) and dryness (which I do from time to time.) So, if you have either of these skin concerns, you’ll want to give this one a try.

Vital Hydra Solution
Vital Hydra Solution

2| Vital Hydra Solution – This is another hydration mask from Dr. Jart+ that will enhance the moisture in your skin and keep it locked in to prevent the dry skin we all try to avoid. You’ll need 15-20 for this particular mask to do it’s ‘magic.’

What’s It In: 

  • Aquaxyl
  • Oligo-Hyarulonic Acid
  • Algae Extract

The Skinny: This is another mask option for those of you who want to moisturize and lock it in. Definitely worth trying this one out as well.

Brightening Infusion
Brightening Infusion

3| Brightening Infusion – When using facial masks it’s important not to rinse your face afterwards. If you do you’ll just be undoing everything. Another thing to note, you’ll need 20-30 minutes for this mask to accomplish ultimate results.

What’s It In: 

  • Galctomyces – creates radiant skin texture
  • Vitamin C – to brighten, plus it has antioxidants
  • Licorice Extract – Brightens

The Skinny: This mask is ideal for dark circles and dull skin and with the help of hydrogel it will both moisturize and brighten your skin. So, if you’re looking for a youthful glow, then this one is for you.


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