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All in all my bedroom update has come together rather quickly. As I mentioned in my How to Select the Perfect Bed post, I’ve been working on updating my bedroom and going with the glam look that I’d always wanted to do. In this second bedroom update post, I’ll share my tips when it comes to choosing bedside tables.

Price… While you may have been willing to go for a higher ticket item, when it comes to buying two you may need to consider going for a lower price. For my bedroom re-do I was going with mirrored bedside tables, which can tend to be pricey. After falling in love with several different pieces, I finally (or I should say my mum found) the perfect tables for my room.

How does it work in your current space… There were quite a few bedside tables that were in my price range, but when it comes to the final decision you have to go with what fits in the space best

Drawer Space… Paying attention to dimensions and drawer size are important. Many of the drawers in bedside tables, dressers and the like do not take up the maximum amount of space. For instance your piece could be 16 deep but the drawers are only 12 or 13. Since I was replacing my dresser with two bedside tables, I needed to get the most space for the money.

I’m waiting until my bedroom is complete before sharing the new look… so stay tuned!


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