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1| Know what you’re looking for. Whether you like upholstered beds or rought iron, high or low, grey or taupe, you need to have some idea of what you’re look for. The process of selecting a new bed can be surprisingly overwhelming, so if you have some idea of what you looking for you can drop pages of unnecceary searching by narrowing down your perimeters.

In beginning in December 2016, I knew that getting a new bed and doing a much needed bedroom update was in order. For the past few years I’d been sleeping on a pullout couch, which in theory was a good option in that it gave me more floor space, but as far as long term comfort it was not such a good option for me. Since I’d purchased furniture from Joss & Main before this was the first place I looked, and where I ended up getting my lovely taupe upholstered bed.

Malia Upholstered Bed | It’s a beautiful light taupe. It takes a bit to put the bed together, but compared to the bookcases I put together a few years back, it was a breeze.

2| Compare, compare, compare. While your instincts may tell you that your first choice is the best one, and you’ll never love another bed more. I would still continue the searching process. You need to have a few options to compare from various places. You also need to consider price. Is the bed you want worth the price?

Most of the beds I looked at were from Joss & Main, Ballard, West Elm, but I ended up coming back to Joss & Main in the end, because both the price and the bed were the ones for me.

Here are a few of the beds that I looked at during my search. 

3| Find the perfect mattress. Having an attractive bed is all well and good, but if you don’t have a good mattress you might as well be sleeping on the floor. When you first walk into mattress store, you’ll have several basic options. Firm, Plush… and my favorite option, Pillow Top. If you go with this option you will literally feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

I ended up going with a Hampton & Rhodes mattress from Mattress Firm which they both deliver with red carpet service, and bring it up to your room, unwrap it and place it on the bed for you. (Plus if you have old mattresses to be taken away that is also included in the service.)


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