3 Tips on Organizing Your Makeup Drawer

In the midst of my room re-do, I’ve finally had a chance to get my makeup organized just the way I wanted it. Previously I’d utilized my Clinique bags to keep my makeup sorted out, but I found that I wasn’t making use of many of the items, and many things that should have been thrown out would just collect at the bottom of the bag.

Here are my 3 Tips for Organizing Your Makeup Drawer:

1| Sort by category… I sort my makeup into lips, lashes/eyes, face (cover up/moisturizers) I don’t know what I would do without my storage trays. They keep everything neat and in its place. Without them my makeup drawer would be a jumbled mess. I also have an area for my skincare, nail polish, brushes and various tools.

2| Keep the most used items on top. Everyone has makeup items they use on a daily basis and it just make sense to keep those items at the easiest place to access. If you’re drawers allow it, having at least two trays is ideal.

3| Keep all your skincare items together. This is helpful whether you do morning or evening skincare routines. There’s nothing worse that having to search through your entire drawer just to find the last items of your routine.


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