4 Summer Bath & Body Essentials

I absolutely adore Anthroplogie. I’ve mostly stuck to buying clothing, but today I’m going to share about some of the fun Bath & Body products that I picked up recently.


1| Spongelle Pedi Buffer Mandarin Mint – need something to keep your feet soft between pedicures? Well this Pedi-Buffer is definitely the way to go. Plus it smell great too! It’s available in Mandarin Mint and Beach Grass. $14

If you love this pedi-buffer you’ll want to try these out as well.


2| Lavanila Deodorant Fresh Vanilla Lemon – While I adore Lavanila’s unscented deodorant, this one is a bit too fragrant for me. If you love a cologne-esque smell, then this deodorant is definitely for you! They have two sizes. The travel size is available in Vanilla, and runs you $8. The standard size will run you $14, which is a small price to pay for a deodorant that’s aluminum free and 100% natural!

Other ‘flavors:’

  • Pure Vanilla
  • Fresh Vanilla Lemon
  • Vanilla Grapefruit


3| The Artist’s Studio Mini Matchbook Manicure (Navy) – Are these not the cutest? This is a mini manicure in a matchbook and is perfect to have on hand in your purse, or bring it along when you travel. $4

Available in the following options:

  • Peach
  • Navy
  • Teal
  • Red


4| The Artist’s Studio Lip Shimmer (Beach Rose) – Want to give your lips a hint of color? I absolute love this lip shimmer in Beach Rose. It gives you a hint of color without being too much. Perfect for those days on the beach when you don’t want to worry about wearing makeup, but want to keep your lips luscious. Plus I love the whole vintage design of the tin. Don’t you? $8

It’s available in three ‘colors:’

  • Sheer Pearl
  • Cherry Crush
  • Beach Rose


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