5 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

1| Get out… just because it’s chilly out does it mean you need to stay cooped up. Check out an art gallery, take a cooking class, discover a new coffee shop or restaurant, become a tourist in your own city.

2| Bundle up… Bring out the cozy sweaters, gloves and scarves. If you’re warm and cozy you will be happier.

3| Think fitness… just because it’s cold does it mean you need to be less active. Endorphins make you happy, so call up a friend and go to yoga and spinning class.

4| Learn something new… have you always wanted to become a better cook, knit or create your own jewelry they’re all sorts of hobbies to learn.

5| Keep it bright… The reason why our minds and bodies are happier during the summer months is we get more sunlight. So make your environment brighter.


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