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It’s been a little while since I’ve shared about the latest Kdrama’s that I’m watching, so I thought I would take a moment to catch you up on all things Kdrama.

Bride of the Water God via Dramabeans

Bride of the Water God

I have to admit I was really looking forward to this one. Both of the main actors often get a lot of flack about their acting skills, but I’ve enjoyed both of them in every drama I’ve seen them in so far. In this drama Nam Joo-Hyuk (Moon Lovers: Scarlett Heart Ryeo, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo) plays the role of the Water God, who has come to earth to find the ‘god-stones’ so he can become King. Shin Se-Kyung (Six-Flying Dragons, Blade Man) plays a physiatrist in the real world, and must also fulfill the role of the Water God’s servant while he’s on earth. While this drama does deal with life in the real world, I’m really enjoying the ‘other-worldly’ aspects of this drama. I can only hope that things work out for the main couple, but if you’re a long time Kdrama fan, you already know that happy-endings are never guaranteed.

Man to Man via Soompi

Man to Man

Can I just take a moment to say how glad I am that Netflix is now exploring the world of Kdrama. I’ve already watched a few of their originals (One More Time and My Only Love Song) and I’m so glad that they added Man to Man to their ever growing list of Kdrama’s to enjoy. This one has it’s serious moments, but it also interjects moments of comic relief which I really enjoy.

Drama series tells the story of popular actor Yeo Woon-Gwang (Park Sung-Woong) and secret agent Kim Sul-Woo (Park Hae-Jin). Kim Sul-Woo goes undercover to work as the bodyguard of Yeo Woon-Gwang. The actor specializes in portraying villains. – AsianWiki

Criminal Minds via Soompi

Criminal Minds

Although I wasn’t able to make it through the US versions of this show, I was eager to see what one of my favorite Korean Actors (Lee Joon-Gi) would bring to the series. Sadly, I’m going to have to wait to see if one of my apps can finally license the drama after it’s initial air.

Reunited Worlds via MyDramaList

Reunited Worlds aka Into the World Again

So I’m really enjoying this one so far. It’s got a bit of sci-fi element going on with the whole fact that one of the main characters Hae-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo) died when he was 19 but mysteriously shows up in the present looking just how he did 12 years before. Everyone else who was in his life has done their best to move on including the girl he loves, Jung-Won (Lee Yeon-Hee).

For those of you who are wondering where you can view this drama, it’s available through the KOCOWA app.

King Loves via Dramabeans

The King Loves

While it used to be impossibly hard for me to get into period dramas in the past, the storylines of dramas set during the Goreyo or Joseon era are getting a lot more interesting these days. While this one involves the typical love triangle that are common in Kdramas, I’m really enjoying it so far.

Won (Siwan) is a crown prince of Goryeo. He has a pretty appearance, but he also has a lust for conquest. He is best friends with Wang Rin (Hong Jong-Hyun) who comes from a royal family and is his bodyguard. Beautiful Eun San (Yoona) appears in front of the two young men. She is the daughter of the richest man. The three become good friends, but things change after Wang Won and Wang Rin both fall in love with Eun San. – AsianWiki

Man Hole


Ever since it was announced that this drama would star Kim Jae-Joong I was in. While he’s mostly starred as the second lead in dramas with the exception of Spy, Man-Hole is his first drama since completing his mandatory military service.

For those of you who are wondering where you can view this drama, it’s available through the KOCOWA app.

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