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The first product that I ever tried from Origins was their charcoal mask. I just loved how cool it felt on my skin, and the fact that I was doing something that would clear out my pores. Skincare has become more and more of a top priority for me, after all taking care of your skin just makes you feel better overall.

While I don’t always have time to do an in-depth route, especially during the week, I couldn’t wait to try the 7 Day Pore Challenge which promises that your skin will be much improved after using the product for 7 days.

The sample packets have the powder version of the product.

While I’m used to using the version of the product that’s already to go, I was intrigued about the ‘powder’ version of the product and to see how it’s affects compared.

After opening your pores with warm water, add water to the powder and apply to your face.

After letting the mask dry, rinse off your face, and feel the difference. After just two days of using the mask my face was already feeling calmer and smoother.

Once I rinsed off the mask each day, I also applied some of the Calm To Your Senses product which is Origins Stress-Relieving Face Mask made with Buckbean, St. Paul’s Wort, Lavender and Chamomile. This product can be used nightly, so it’s the perfect thing to add to your nightly routine before you head off into dream-land.

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