A Greenhouse in the City…

So when I say, the City you’re probably thinking of NYC right? Well, this particular greenhouse is in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina but that doesn’t make it any less of an amazing find. We’d been search for a Meyer Lemon Tree since we first decided to expand our little deck garden. If you follow my foodie blog, or visited Planting an Herb Garden 101 under the the DIY section of this blog you’ll know a little bit about our herb gardens from 2013 and now 2014.

We’ve added so many lovely things this year including Lemon Balm, (since we couldn’t find any Orange Mint, and trust me it was the best decision ever!) Georgia and Texas Onions, Garlic Chives, Garlic… and now we have a Meyer Lemon Bush and Blackberry Bush.


Now, back to the greenhouse. Campbell’s Greenhouse and Nursery is located on McDonald Ave. and at first sight it just looks like a small little nursery… but once we walked into the greenhouse we were absolutely amazed. So many beautiful things in such a small place…

There were lovely ready to give gifts in lovely pots with sunny yellow and orange flowers, surrounded by lush green. Bird and frog pottery sculptures peaking out beneath the arrangements, begging you to buy them and find somewhere, anywhere to put them in your garden back home.

While we followed our designated ‘garden guy’ back to the ‘no customer’s allowed’ area of the greenhouse, we tried not to stop and look at all the pretty things along the way. We were on a mission for our Meyer Lemon Bush…

However, once we had our lovely bush paid for and placed safely in our car, we headed back in, iPhones at the ready to snap some pictures.

One of the little discoveries we made were the herbs they had on hand. I wish we would have known they had orange mint this year!

Our Meyer Lemon Bush.
Our Meyer Lemon Bush. $34.99

These pictures only show a glimpse into everything this amazing Greenhouse has, so I would definitely recommend you visit Campbell’s for yourself.


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