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The only way to avoid being left behind was to start moving. – After You

With the tragic ending of ‘Me Before You’ I knew I had to give the sequel a chance. Would Louisa Clark finally get a happy ending after the tragedy death of the man she’d loved and cared for?

The book starts off with Louisa’s world being upheaved yet again when she unexpectedly falls from the rooftop of her apartment building. Her parents, although well-meaning, smoother her with attention as they are under the impression that it wasn’t an accident at all.

Soon after her recovering, Louisa leaves her hometown where she spent her convalescence under the judging eyes of her former neighbors, and returns to London. She goes back to her job at the airport bar, where the new management forces her to wear a ‘Irish pixie’ uniform and a wig that gives her a static shock every time she touches something.

As she settles into the mundanity of her daily life, she meets someone unexpected who sends her entire life into a tailspin yet again…

As tragic as the first book was, I really enjoyed the second book. I ended up listening to it via audiobook, which aided in the frustration that an hour commute can often bring. While I sat there waiting for the long lines of cars to finally move through the various stop lights along the way, I had the opportunity to get to know Louisa and all the characters surrounding her. This book has a way of bringing your emotions to the surface, and the ending was definitely worth waiting for.

If like me, you find yourself with less and less time for reading, I definitely recommend the audiobook for this one. Anna Acton really does an bring the characters to life.


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