Aiken – Day Two

As promised here is Aiken Day 2. You’ll hear about all the fun things we did on our second day in Aiken, South Carolina…

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

After a quick shower it was time to head downstairs to bring up some breakfast. While mum stayed in the room my sister and I walked downstairs in our robes. Now I  have to admit this was the first time I’d ever walked out of a hotel room in robe, I usually like to be in my day clothes by then, but there was one thing I found very handy about the robe… two pockets perfect for packaged goodies like jam, honey and tea bags.

Breakfast 2 Breakfast 3

The spread
The spread

The Blueberry muffins were yummy and the hard-boiled egg while not a traditional breakfast items for me was delicious. I tried a bit of the apricot yogurt as well (armed with lactaid pills of course. I wanted to have a good day not a bad one!)

We kept our breakfast options light, because we had an appointment for brunch in the dining room at lunch time.

Eggs Benedict. The Poached Eggs were a little on vinagery side, but still yummy
Eggs Benedict. The Poached Eggs were a little on vinagery side, but still yummy
The Zebra
The Zebra

After brunch we did a bit of driving around and found a few of the ‘horses of Aiken’ (blog post about this later) before driving to the polo field to scope things out (ie parking etc)

With a half hour to ‘kill’ before returning to the polo field we went off to the Gardens for a stroll.

IMG_0463 IMG_0468 IMG_0476 IMG_0482

I wandered throughout the woodland  haven’s paths andd located another horse we had spotted from the road. I was bound and determined to track the horse down, and walked across the whole park to find it (not too far, but still a descent walk)

Steel Magnolia
Steel Magnolia

Back at the polo field we pulled the car into slot 22 (you had to park where there wasn’t a sponsor name as those were reserved) and headed towards the social tent.

Beverages and egg rolls were provided (the latter as an appetizer) and we found an obliging table.

From the moment the players galloped onto the field the competition was on. It was a 6 chukkle game with the Golden Zebra’s winning the match. I took tons of pictures going from the social tent to one of the field to the other throughout the game. (Even got to help a fellow photographer out and talk shop with another fellow photographer)

theavid'photographer' hard at work!
theavid’photographer’ hard at work!

Tired we headed back to the hotel and Ashley (my sister) and went out to the pool. The water was freezing but I braved the cold and got in. However without being able to swim underwater (no goggles) I couldn’t do much. (Also I haven’t been swimming in years)

The pool... saltwater... NICE
The pool… saltwater… NICE

After the pool Ashley and I headed up to the Atlanta bread company and got some soup and sandwhiches to bring back to the Willcox for dinner. (Since we had a dining table in our room why not use it?)

Dining table

Back in our room we opened up a brand new game of Clue and played a few rounds Ashley won…

Do you have a CLUE?
Do you have a CLUE?

We then headed into the main bedroom to watch ‘The Karate Kid” with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith(insert pic)

All in all an awesome, excitement filled day.

Thank you Aiken/The Willcox…