Aiken | Day One

I know it’s taken me awhile to post about my late September trip to Aiken. But with the coming of the end of the year time is getting harder and harder to find… but I digress… so with no further ado… Here is Aiken Day One!

Saturday September 22nd, 2012

The trip up to Aiken was pleasant and didn’t feel like 2 1/2 hours. Upon arriving in town we dropped our bags by the Willcox first. Since the 3 pm check-in time was still a several hours away and we needed to seek out a spot of lunch.

The Willcox, Aiken, South Carolina
The Willcox, Aiken, South Carolina

Our original plans were to go to Ryan’s Market and Deli, but we were so famished after our trip, we decided to go to Malia’s instead.


Since the indoor seat was a bit toasty we decided to try our chance outside (the day we arrived was the warmest of our trip). We were shown into the patio area which consisted of a foutain complete with lily pads and four metal ‘tents’.



I ordered the Herb Chicken w/ Spinach Salad, mom got the crepe (her favorite) and my sister opted for the same thing I did but with cranberry stuffing instead of side salad.

Herb Roasted Chicken...
Herb Roasted Chicken…

All in all it was oh, so delicious.

Next we decided to some shoping… first stop Equine Divine, a shop dedicated to every equestrain lover the world over. The art work on display was amazing and the style swent from one end of the spectrum to the other.

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Next Folly, am amazing home decor shop filled with sea side inspired items mixed with cottage chic.

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Threads… what can I say about this store. It is every vintage/indie girls dream store. I was in love from the moment I stepped through the front door. Scarves, amazing dresses, hats, jewelry and everything a modcloth/Ruche style I love so much.


I walked away with the perfect yellow sweater and fedora to wear for the Sunday polo event.

Plum Pudding… a cookery store were we got to try some of their amazing strawberry/basil preserves over got cheese in little pastry cups.



3 Monkeys… another home decor shop with lovely things to peruse. I enjoyed the floral themes throughout the store.


Refresh… a lot of artsy things in there from paintings to hand blown glass orbs hanging from the ceiling. Mum went ahead and got a jump on Christmas with the purchase of snowman cards.



Tired already? Well we were just getting started. After our shopping it was time to head back to the Willcox.

We were first shown to a room on the second floor, but alas it was sans balcony, so our gracious hosts showed us up to the penthouse suite (and the Willcox largest room) on the 3rd floor… aka the Roosevelt Suite.

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Seating area in master bedroom
Seating area in master bedroom
Master Bath. With tub, two sinks, and shower...
Master Bath. With tub, two sinks, and shower…
Gaming table in second room with pullout couch, dining table and balcony access....
Gaming table in second room with pullout couch, dining table and balcony access….
The balcony.
The balcony.


After a few moments to get freshened and dressed up. We headed down to a 5:30 dinner at the Willcox’ dining room.

View from the dining area.
View from the dining area.
What to order?
What to order?

After looking over the menu I decided to go with the salmon with spicy zucchini balls. My sister had the pumpkin risotto with kale and my mum opted for the stuffed chicken over parsnips.

The salmon...
The salmon…
The risotto...
The risotto…
The chicken...
The chicken…

What did we get for dessert you ask? Well we decided to wait until after the play… and our helpful waiter Zach kept the kitchen open for us…

Off to the playhouse…

Dirty. Rotten. Scoundrels
Dirty. Rotten. Scoundrels

After securing our tickets, we waited back in the car till the 7:30p seating time.


All in all a good play… but looong (at 3 hours which put us getting out at 11pm) It was full of laughs, and while the nature of the humour was little unexpected at times they were Dirty. Rotten. Scoundrels after all.

My favorite character was the french policeman. A truly talented member of the cast especially because he kept up his french accent the entire time, even while singing!

Blackberry crumble, poached pear and spice cake... Mmmm....
Blackberry crumble, poached pear and spice cake… Mmmm….