An Avid Interview | The Needlework Finisher

An Avid Interview | The Needlework Finisher
An Avid Interview | The Needlework Finisher

1 | So, how did you get interested in finishing needlepoint? During my years of working in Interior Design, I was from time to time asked to finish a client’s vintage needlework piece into a pillow. From there I started working for several needlepoint shops throughout the South.

2 | What are some of your favorite items to finish? I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but I do enjoy finishing items where I can use decorative embellishments and fabrics that will make them a “one of kind” needlepoint piece.


3 | What are some of your favorite needlepoint canvas designers? Kirk & Bradley, Barbara Bergsten, Melissa Shirley, Kelly Clark… and the list goes on.

4 | What are your favorite fabrics to use in your finishing? Silks, Moire and Velveteens.

5 | What is your favorite item you’ve finished recently? I really enjoyed finishing the piece below. It gets a bit labor intensive, when it comes to matching the ribbons, fabrics and fibers to the piece, but it allowed me to use various techniques, fabrics and embellishments to pull it all together.

Bunnies on Parade (Melissa Shirley canvas)

6 | Where can we see some of the items you’ve finished?  You can see some of my finished items on  Pinterest, my Facebook page, Needlepoint Shop Facebook pages and on various blogs.

7 | Do you needlepoint yourself? Yes, after finishing so many lovely pieces I decided to learn how to needlepoint personal items myself.  (Note: I did not make this piece into a tray, but I did stitch the piece.)


8 | What are your favorite fibers to use in the items you stitch for yourself? One of my favorites is Silk Lame Braid. I also enjoy working with a lot of the specialty threads, because if you’re not doing a decorative stitch the thread is it’s own embellishment so to say. Decorative stitching has recently become a new passion of mine.

9 | Is there anything else you’d like to share with The Avid Pen?  I was recently given the opportunity to give a private class on needlepoint finishing with one of the shops I do finishing for. I have really enjoyed working with this shop as they have always been a pleasure to work with, given me many exciting pieces to finish, and made me feel like I’m a part of their shop. Also, I have really enjoyed putting together my second needlepoint book on Shutterfly with my daughter (aka The Avid Pen.)



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