An Avid Saturday…

Ted Baker London | Heaven Frames

The first item of business on our busy Saturday, was to head over to the optometrist and order some new glasses. The previous frames I had are now way to large for my face, so it was time to go with a smaller option. The moment I saw these were Ted Baker London, I knew I had to have them. (If you know me well, you’ll know I love all things British!)

Dean & Deluca

Next it was time for some lunch. I was absolutely starving, and Dean & Deluca is always a good idea. I had the Club Sandwich and this time, I decided to be ‘bad’ and have the bacon that I normally have left off.

Bee hive cookies
Bee hive cookies

Okay, so this is not the most stellar picture ever, but you get the idea. These are seriously adorable cookies.

Tea and Honey
Tea and Honey

I always snap a few pictures while I’m there, and this tea and honey looked delicious. I absolutely adore Orange Blossom Honey, don’t you?

Just chillin'
Just chillin’

We had awhile before our spa appointments, so we just sat back and relaxed for a little while.

Butter London
Butter London

Voci Spa… I love this little spa and I adore Butter London nail lacquers. I finally got mum to go darker with her nail color. Dahling (not pictured here) is a lovely raspberry shade. (We will get red nails sometime though!)

Mango Black Tea and new Starbucks Cup
Mango Black Tea and new Starbucks Cup

Second Starbucks run of the day. We picked up Chai’s and these new Starbucks glasses in honor of Woman in Gold, earlier in the day, but for our afternoon/movie watching drink I introduced mum to the new Mango Black Tea. Delicious…

It’s movie time…

Time to watch Woman in Gold… Stay tuned my review coming shortly. ~theavidpen

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