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From the moment we walked into the Hidell Brooks Gallery to see the latest exhibitions, I knew that I wanted to know more about Anke Schofield. I loved each and every one of her unique pieces and I couldn’t wait to find out about her artistic process.

1| When did you first become interested in art? My father was a photographer I was his assistant as a child.

2| Who are some of the artists that you would say have inspired you? I really don’t have a favorite artist believe it or not, I am very inspired by new and up and coming artists. I always go to Art Basel and Art Miami art fairs and always get inspired at those shows. Art overload!

Red Knot

3| You studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, what about your time there influenced you the most? The South in general,especially coming from New York, was a big change for me, but I fell in love with the South. Savannah is a magical place and I am so thankful I went to SCAD. I had incredible teachers there and studied only art which was an amazing experience. I often think about moving back to Savannah.

4| Your mixed media pieces include a combination of photography, oil/acrylic paint and wax. What is the process of creating one of your pieces? I conceptualize all my pieces in my head first, then I go to the computer to sketch out my paintings. When I go to make the pieces I know exactly what I’m doing. So, when I’m in the studio they are always planned out. The process is mixed media layers and layers of oil stain photo then the final step is hand fired resin.

5| How long does it usually take to create a new work? I never work on only one piece, I normally do 6 at time and work on one, let that dry and move over to the next. I like working that way as you then don’t get stuck on one piece.

6| Is there a particular feeling that you want to evoke in those who view your pieces? All of my work is based off the freedom and innocence of a child’s mind, I like to see the world thru their eyes.

7| Where do you go if you are in need inspiration? TRAVELING THE WORLD. The further the better!

8| What is the one thing you can’t start your day without? Walk with my dogs and COFFEE!

9| Do you prefer to paint listening to music, or do you prefer silence? I can’t work without music. I always have loud music playing in my studio as I find the best painting days is when I have new music I’m in love with.

10| Tell me what is your favorite part about creating new pieces for an upcoming exhibition. I love the challenge of creating a body of work with a consist theme… one that tells a story. The title of my show at Hidell Brooks is called, Balance and the show was based off of that… balance in life and balance physically.

Thank you so much Anke for sharing about your art with us!

For those of you who are in the Charlotte area you can view Anke’s work through August 31st.

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