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This Saturday we decided to check out the new location for the Anne Neilson Gallery. We’d visited their previous location in the Southend area, and we were beyond impressed with their new location in the South Park area. The openness of the space is what first drew us to this Gallery with it’s dark floors and bright white walls, that really give the art on display that extra pop.

The current collection on displayed is titled, Rooted and is a collection of emerging contemporary southern artists with a variety of styles and mediums which will be on display until July 15th. (So if you are in the Charlotte area between now and then, you should definitely check this collection out.)

Another thing to love? There are plenty of places to sit and look at the art as long as you like.


These next paintings you really need to see in person. From afar they simply look white or grey, but it’s the textures that make them unique when you have the chance to view them up close.

Another thing I loved about this gallery besides the selection of artist on display, and of course the space itself, was you can actually view Anne Neilson’s studio where she paints some of her pieces.

Candles and books of Anne Neilson’s work.

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