Antler Village & The Bistro

Since we were planning to see the Biltmore Estate and Gardens on our first full day in Asheville, we decided to head into Antler Village for the evening. The village is just down the hill from the Inn on Biltmore Estate. So, if you’re up for a bit of a walk, you can take the paths leading down to the village, or if you’d rather drive down you an either have your car brought around or take one of the shuttles that stop by every 15 minutes.

What I enjoyed about the shuttle option is the drivers give you either a little history lesson about the estate or a little info on each stop that you make. Since we were last at the Biltmore, a new inn has been built in the village itself and there are plans for a third location to be located near the dairy.

Our first stop once we arrived at Antler Village was to stop in at Traditions, which is one of the shops that you can visit in the village. There’s also the Museum, Creamery, Petting Zoo and the Winery. Since we had gone through the Museum on a previous visit, we opted to keep our stops short to make it to our dinner location on time, but I would recommend it if you’re interested in learning more about the Vanderbilt family and their history.


Out of the three restaurants (Cedric’s Tavern, The Bistro, Village Social) to choose from in Antler Village where my sister, Ashley had made reservations for dinner at The Bistro. Mum and I had had one of our lunches there on our previous visit, so we were eager to see what was in store for us with their dinner menu.

Gnocchi with English Peas – for me

This gnocchi was BEYOND delicious, so much so that I offered some to mum and ate more of it than I should have.

Sweet Pea Pappardelle with Chicken – for mum

I personally got to sample some of the delicious chicken on this Sweet Pea Pappardelle dish that mum ordered. It was AMAZING!

Spring Risotto – for Ashley Jane

Ashley enjoyed this dish which was delicious but quite rich when you got around the half way point… and for Mike…

Grilled Ribeye with Gnocchi and Asparagus

The food was absolutely delicious and it was even more so, as my brother-in-law treated us to the meal! I would definitely recommend The Bistro as one of the must visits during your stay at the Biltmore and take advantage of the outdoor eating during nice weather. You can drink in the fresh air, do a bit of people watching and spend your evening enjoying delicious food.

If you still find yourself hungry after your meal, you can order dessert, or like the rest of my companions, head back down to the Creamery for a ice cream cone or a milkshake.

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