Any Given Wednesday…

1| I’m multi-tasking on the book front. I’ve finished the first book in the Miss Peregrine’s Series by Ransom Riggs, and have now started on Hollow City. In edition to this I’m finding ‘The Coincidence of the Coconut Cake‘ and interesting audio book to listen to on the way home from work.

2| National Relaxation Day is coming up on August 15th, so look for a post about different ways to de-stress. It’s a daily struggle… just saying.

3| Gal Meets Glam went to the Sonoma, California Resort Hotel, Farmhouse Inn, that boasts of a Michelin Stared Restaurant and a Farm-to-Table Spa. Seriously, can I just blink and be there already? It’s way too long until my October vacation.

4| According to this article in the London Evening Standard, Airbus has patented a hypersonic jet that could make the crossing from London to New York in 1 hour. Sign me up!

5| Have a hard time getting up in the morning? Need some tips on getting yourself motivated to start the day? Check out this post about 5 Morning Habits that will help you seize the day.

6| I adore a good afternoon tea, and this post about the 10 Best Afternoon Teas in London has be longing to jump on the next plane. I would seriously go to every one of them. Yum-my!

Hope everyone is having a stellar week!



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