Any Given Wednesday

Whose ready for a little mid-week inspiration? I know I am. In this edition of Any Given Wednesday there’s a little bit of beauty (seriously the event Egg Canvas attended was just so beautiful… there’s also a bit of fashion, some yummy soup recipes and even a tutorial on how to get the perfect cat eye from Eat.Sleep.Wear.


  • Erica of Egg Canvas spends a Radiant Day with the beauty team of Cle de Peau Beaute. The whole event from the products to the venue is absolutely breathtaking.
  • I absolutely adore the dress that Julia of Gal Meets Glam is styling in her post This Is One of the Reasons Why I Love Charleston. Perfect shade of pink, and I definitely CANNOT wait until I can start bringing out my spring dresses.
  • Whether you’re just getting started in the art of photography, or you want improve your photography skills, you should definitely check out Fine Art photographer, Lucy Cuneo’s post Photography Quick Start Guide, Pt1. Also, check out her post Charleston Ritual: Morning Bread Run. If I didn’t already have The Daily on my list of foodie places to check out when I’m next in Charleston, it definitely would have been at the top after seeing the yummy pictures from this post.
  • Embrace the style of What Olivia Did in her post Forever Fauxrisian.
  • Pasta (or rice) are two things that I’m always adding to my turkey chili. If that’s something that you like to do as well, then you should definitely check out the recipe for One Pot Chili Cheese Pasta from How Sweet Eats. It looks fantastic!
  • If achieving the perfect cat-eye has always been a beauty technique you’ve wanted to try, check out this Cat Eye Liner Tutorial from Eat.Sleep.Wear.
  • I don’t know about you but I’m getting more and more frustrated with my favorite social media app, Instagram. After working hard to find time to go out and create content, or share something from daily life that others might find interesting, it so many times goes unseen. (and don’t even get me started on those who follow you and unfollow you in the same day… I genuinely like the accounts I follow and I hope for the same in my followers) This Time Tomorrow shares 4 tips for the latest Instagram algorithm change. You’ll definitely want to try them out!
  • I love the painting Paper Fashion created in her post Phantom Thread. It was inspired by the movie starring Daniel Day Lewis & Leslie Manville.
  • Whether you live alone, or you just want some style advice, check out the post Step Inside My LA Closet where blogger With Love From Kat shares about her experience with Echo Look.
  • Get some tips on How to Brighten Up Your Winter Looks from The Chriselle Factor.
  • Planning a trip to Seoul? Check out the post What to Eat in Seoul, South Korea from blogger Damn Delicious. Also check out recipe for Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup.
  • I started to trying out natural deodorants two years ago after dealing with issues with the heavily scented deodorants. When they stopped making the one that I’d been using the search began again. If you’re thinking of getting away from the aluminum and parabens in traditional deodorants, you should definitely check out the post The Best Natural Deodorants from the team at Camille Styles. (Also, check out their 10 Mushroom Recipes with Health Benefits)
  • Do you have sensitive skin? Shannon Peter shares about Face Scrubs for Sensitive Skin over on Byrdie.
  • There’s been a soup and a chili on this edition of Any Given Wednesday, and I had to add in another soup that you all will love to try. It’s Mexican Hot Pot with Avocado Crema from Half Baked Harvest.


Christa | theavidpen

PS. This piece by Saliha Staib was recently on display at the Shain Gallery.

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