Any Given Wednesday…

1| First off, lets talking about the Thai Soup above. I saw the pic when I was pinning away the other day and thought… “Yes, that has to be the picture for my Any Given Wednesday this week.” It just looks way too delicious not to share. That being said, if you’re currently on Pinterest, you can follow me here.

2| I should have named my dog Lucy because lately she always has some ‘Splaining to do.

3| If you didn’t already want to visit the Greek Island of Santorini, here are 7 Reasons why.

4| So I love knitted scarves, hats, fingerless gloves etc, but so far I haven’t learned to knit… at least not yet. One Sheepish Girl shares about We are Knitters in this post. Plus she has a special code to get 15% off. Among the many things the site has to offer, my favorite thing is their kits that are sorted by skill level. I really want to knit this blanket.

5| These Skillet Chilaquiles look beyond scrumptious. I would have to make a few substitutions here and there, but these are on my must make list. Also worth of a mention is this Chickpea Pasta Soup.

6| Coming back from vacation is never easy, check out this post from the Runaway Chef, 5 Ways to Get Rid of the Post-Vacation Blues.

7| Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and these Pumpkin Pie Mousse Shooters look like the perfect dessert to celebrate the holiday.


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