Any Given Wednesday

1| First, let me remind everyone who lives in the Charlotte area and wants to enjoy some amazing art. Josh Brown will have a Solo Show @ The Shain Gallery this Saturday from 6-8pm. So come meet the artist and then head over to one of the nearby eateries for a bite afterwards.

2| So, I’ve never had Beignets… but these Tiramisu Beginets with Chocolate Ganache from Dust Jacket look so yummy!

3| As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m dairy intolerant. So, when I was walking through the grocery store this past Sunday afternoon picking up a few things (and much needed Starbucks) I saw they had Silk Yogurts. I literally had to restrain myself from doing a happy dance in the middle of the store. Ah… Mango Peach. Yum!

4| Paper Fashion, my favorite watercolor artist has some new prints up on her shop. I love her Shadow Dancers and her classes on Skillshare are on my must do list. If you don’t follow her blog or Instagram, I highly recommend it.

5| Say it with me, “Salted… Caramel… Apple… Pie.” These Mini Apple Pies from The Londoner could not look more delicious. I think I’ll do some serious baking during the upcoming holidays.

6| Join blogger Park & Cube as she visits Brussels in recent post Song of Poppy.

7| There is nothing more important to a good nights sleep than comfy sheets. Check out this post from blogger Carrie Bradshaw Lied about her bedding revamp.


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