Any Given Wednesday…


1| Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. This year I plan to watch the parade, enjoy some Starbucks and possibly a slice of pie. What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

2| Don’t these Roasted Garlic and Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes look absolutely delicious? Perfect just in time for the upcoming holiday.

3| While in Seoul, theleeday went to an amazing afternoon tea @ Bover Lounge. The pictures alone make me want to hop on a plane to Seoul!

4| Enjoy these Lazy Sunday pictures from Dust Jacket. The pictures of the pasta dish look so yummy! Hmm… maybe I shouldn’t write my Any Given Wednesday posts while I’m hangry. I seem to pick mostly blog posts about food.

5| Trying to find a way to relax in the midst of an especially hectic week? Here are some tips on How to Relax in Just 60 Seconds.

6| So these Lavender Thyme and White Chocolate Scones are off limits to me with the whole dairy intolerance thing. But there’s nothing to stop me from looking at them.

7| Everything about this post The Nutcracker from blogger Casey Leigh is just adorable. Makes me remember all the times I wish I could have been a ballerina.


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