Any Given Wednesday

1| Spend some time in Hallstatt, Austria with The Londoner, and taking in the rustic scenery, snow, and swans.

2| Egg Canvas makes the best of Temperamental Temperatures and shares some lovely photos in her latest post.

3| Need a taste of London but don’t have the time to jet across the ocean right now? Check out The Leeday’s post A Day in London.

4| If Grapefruit is your jam, you’re going to want to try out these Grapefruit Smoothie Bowls from Runway Chef.

5| I really enjoy the illustrated posts over on Cup of Jo, so I thought I’d share the post Pop Quiz: What Painting Are You Today. It would be amazing to be able to have an artist share their work on theavidpen every week… Future Goals!

6| Atlantic-Pacific takes us to Woodstock, Vermont in her post Barbour Plaid & Duck Boots.

7| I’ve heard of Chocolate Pudding made with Avocado… but My New Roots has a 5 Ingredient Magical Fudgesicles using this delicious fruit. (Yep, it’s a fruit.)


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