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This past Saturday evening, during interment downpours, we decided to head to the Southend area of Uptown Charlotte. It had been ages since we had been to Lark & Key, a art gallery near and dear to our hearts. They were in the middle of their Summer Showcase, and we decided to go have a look.

If you have been to an art gallery that encompasses everything you feel a good art gallery should (in my case a good dose of whimsy and the unexpected) you have to go there more than once. We’ve been to Lark and Key numerous times since we first discovered it, and have walked out completely inspired each and every time.

Whether you are going there an an art crawl along with other art aficionados, or just going with one other person (it’s so much fun with two, how else are you going to tell someone how you feel about a particular work of art?) seeing amazing art is an amazing and awe inspiring experience.

I have to say I really love the whimsical feeling that washes over you when looking at a painting by Duy Huyhn. You enter another world, and just it all in. He has to be one of my favorite artists on display at Lark & Key along with Kendra Baird.

There are more than just paintings at Lark & Key. You can see pottery pieces and jewelry from local artisans on display. (No, I haven’t attempted to submit any of my pieces yet, I still have to master the whole metal work thing.) We always check to see what greeting cards they have for sale, this time I went with works by Duy Huyhn (of course) and my mum went with Vicki Sawyer who mixes both animals with food or floral themes.

Slow Food for Thought, Waiting for Time to Fly, Nevermind The Clouds all by Duh Huynh
Bluets, Chicka, Cyrano by Vicki Sawyer

For the second part of our evening, we headed over to Greek Isles. We had wanted to try the restaurant for about a year now, but since they are only open in the evening during the weekend we hadn’t had a chance.

The Souvlakia was pretty good, but the Risotto… not such much. The hummus with warm pita was delicious, and the Baklava was seriously rich. I’m talking so rich that after 3 bites you think you should go confess your culinary transgressions to your doctor…

Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing about our little artsy/culinary experience and are encouraged to look for the amazing little art galleries in your local city…


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