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from my Charleston trip...
from my Charleston trip…

I love interesting architecture, and the photo above is one of the pictures I took while I was in Charleston, SC back in February. (Can you believe we are more than half way through 2014?)

Free People Blog | Feeling Alive – So, the reason for liking this post was a little obvious for me. I’m currently taking a hand-lettering course via Skillshare, so anything that has to do with typography has my full attention.

The Forest Feast | It’s Officially Summer – This post has beautiful pictures and delicious recipes. What’s not to like?

Bakers Royale | Summer Berry Trifles – Berries + Cake = LOVE

Being Erica | Exploring London’s Kew Gardens – Join Erica on her trip to Kew Gardens… and see all that they have to offer. Although I could never do the sky walkway. I don’t fancy crying in public.

Love and Lemons | Dinner Party with the yellow table & Roasted Cherry Tomato Bowls– This event looks absolutely amazing, and it would be something I would love attend. Also, the salad in the second post is a must. Love cherry tomatoes!

A Couple Cooks | Greek Salad & Mediterranean Bulgur Salad – Two more delicious recipe from a Couple Cooks, inspired by their recent trip to Greece!

A Cup of Jo | What were your childhood obsessions? – An artsy throwback to ones childhood, illustrated by Emily McDowell.

La Buena Vida | Portland City Guide – join this Nicole on her trip around Portland.

Hip Hostess | Peach Lemonade Slush – Peach Lem-on-ade… Yummy!

The Glossy Life | Florence Italy City Travel Guide – take a trip across the ocean with The Glossy Life and learn the best places to stay, sightsee and eat. Bella Italia!

A House in the Hills | Simple Summer Pasta Marinara – keep your pasta simple with this delicious recipe from A House in the Hills.

Cupcakes & Cashmere | Breakfast Taco Bar – Who says you can’t have tacos for breakfast?

Petite Biet | Matzoball Soup & Shwarz – Check in with Belle and her family in NYC.


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