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It’s no secret that I love Korean Dramas, I mentioned some of the dramas and movies I’ve watched in the post where I shared some of my grandfather’s photos of Seoul. It all started back in 2012, when I saw my first Korean Drama, Fashion King. I’m up late almost every night watching them. They bring so many emotions out of you and after a long day it’s good to find a little release and it helps me learn more Korean as well.

Here are some of the dramas I’ve watched recently…

You're All Surrounded
You’re All Surrounded

1 | You’re All Surrounded – This drama stars two Korean actors I really enjoy seeing in action  Cha Seung-Won and Lee Seung-Gi. I often watch two dramas at once, because even though you get two episodes each week, that’s never enough. Usually I will pick something one of the main actors has starred in previously that I haven’t seen and see how their acting style and storyline compares to their current role. This was the first drama I’ve ever seen starring Cha Seung-Won, and I was very impressed, so I checked out The Greatest Love (2011.) His co-star and love interest Kong Hyo-Jin is one of my favorite actresses, who starred in The Master’s Sun.

This cop drama kept you on the edge of your seat, and made it impossible to keep your emotions in check. Once I figured out who had ordered the death of Lee Seung-Gi’s character, I could hardly wait until the rest of the team figured it out. It’s definitely a must see.

Recommended: Secret (starring Cha Seung-Won as a police officer who is trying to keep his wife possible involvement in a murder case from coming to light, no matter the cost.)

Doctor Stranger
Doctor Stranger

2| Doctor Stranger – This was my first time ever seeing actor Lee Jon-Suk, and he did an amazing job in this role. The story stars when a young boy Park Hoon and his father are kidnapped and sent to North Korea to save the life  life of the president to prevent a war. Park Hoon ends up becoming a genius heart surgeon, who finally escapes to South Korea, but loses the love of his life in the process.

Recommended: I Can Hear Your Voice (this is an amazing drama starring Lee Jon-Suk as a high school student who lost his father when he was murdered.)

Currently watching…

Fated To Love You
Fated To Love You

3| Fated to Love You – I adore this Korean drama. It will make laugh and cry, sometimes even in the same episode. Kim Mi-Young (Jang Na-Ra) is an ordinary girl working in a law office who through a series of unplanned events meets and falls for rich CEO Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk.) I can’t wait to see how this drama ends.

My Secret Hotel
My Secret Hotel

4| My Secret Hotel – I’ve only seen the first four episodes, and I can hardly wait till the next two episodes. It’s my first Korean murder mystery I’ve ever watched, and I’m completely intrigued. It stars Yo In-Na as a wedding planner, who has to plan the wedding of her ex. On the day of the wedding, a murder occurs, and the police come in to investigate.

Recommended: You Who Came From the Stars (this drama stars Yo In-Na, two of my favorite actors Kim Soo-Hyun (who also starred in the movies The Thieves, Secretly Greatly) and Gianna Jun.

Stay tuned!


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