Bakery in Brooklyn | Movie Review

Before I get into the actual review, I wanted to share what my favorite thing about this movie. The movie itself is done in a style reminiscent of the old time romances and the music plays just a much a part of the movie as the scenes taking places on screen. Even if you aren’t a romantic a heart, you’ll have still find yourself enjoying this movie.

The story starts off with Isabelle, the owner of the bakery, passing away suddenly. She leaves the bakery in the care of her two nieces, Vivien, who was about to leave for her dream trip to Europe and Chloe who works as a chef on a cooking show.

With the fact that the bank is planning to foreclose on the loan, the future of Isabelle’s Boulangerie is jeopardy and tensions are running high.

Aimee Teegarden and Krysta Rodriguez

The stories of all those who work at the bakery and those working to help save it are artfully intertwined, and you root for them to get past their differences and save not only the bakery but the friendships and relationships they have with one another.

Definitely a must see for foodies.

Check out the trailer here…


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