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Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

This year I’ve been focusing on being more positive, but in order to do that, releasing negative emotions is something that is essential. If you’ve been looking for a way to release emotions you’ve kept bottled up inside of you, then Breathwork is really something that could be helpful.

I recently sat down with one of my co-workers, Andrea White, who has both experienced and led Breathwork sessions. Just having the opportunity to sit down and listen to her speak about her own experiences with Breathwork was both beautiful and enlightening.

1| What are the basic principles of Breathwork? Sometimes we need a little extra help from others, from God and from a healing process like Breathwork to remember that where we are currently in life isn’t permanent. We’re in a great big river, and our view is going to change! The important thing is to trust the flow. Soulful Breathwork is like connecting our bodies, minds and hearts to the natural, unworried rhythms of the Universe. Our journeys become easier when we’re not using precious energy to fight the flow. Breath and Spirit are the actually the same word in many languages. And Breathwork really is a combination of the two. Through the experience you will experience a release of emotions which in turn can heal you both emotionally and spiritually. It’s a very emotional experience, as we tend to swallow emotions and keep them buried. Keeping things buried and internalizing them can lead to physical issues as our bodies and emotions are connected. So Breathwork helps in releasing these emotions.

2| When were your first introduced to it? I was first introduced to Breathwork about 6-7 years ago, after a co-worker had their first experience. Before I began to teach Breathwork, I learned from Christian de la Huerta who has been teaching Breathwork for 27 years. He’d originally trained in the field of physiology but after learning about Breathwork he changed fields.

3| What are some of the benefits that you’ve experienced personally? Many people are drawn to Breathwork because they are uncomfortable in the traditional sorts of ‘talk’ therapy. Breathwork allows you to release your emotions without having to say anything. I found as an adult that I’d become very serious, and I wasn’t like that as a child. Through Breathwork I really got back to who I was, and became more lighthearted. One of the results of Breathwork was having my son. Through one of the sessions/classes that I went to I felt the Lord speak to me about having a child. It’s not something that I had planned on before that point but he’s truly been my biggest adventure.

4| Do you feel Breathwork can be used to help those who suffer with anxiety? Yes. At first the process could cause some feelings of anxiety, but it’s all about how desperately you want to release all those built up emotions. The process of Breathwork is healing, and if you genuinely want to get away from all the negative emotions that have been building up throughout your life and rid yourself of them, this process is so worth it.

5| Is it better to experience Breathwork one on one or as a group? It’s really beautiful to experience Breathwork in a group setting. Breathing as a group can be very healing and give voice to the emotions of the others around you and aid not only in your release but in theirs as well. Also, for those who might feel uncomfortable being the focus of a session, if you’re in a group you know you’re not alone and that everyone is going through the experience together.

6| What can you expect during a Breathwork session? The ride of your life! Clearing of old emotional energy that’s been stored in our bodies. Healing of past trauma. Renewed energy and vitality. Clarity. Peace and calm.

7| What do you need to bring? Participants are taught to breathe in a particular way, laying on a mat, cocooned in a peaceful atmosphere with beautiful music. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket. Eat a light meal beforehand.

8| Where can you find a Breathwork session in the Charlotte area? If you’re in the Charlotte area, Andrea teaches classes at Okra Yoga which is located on Commonwealth in Plaza Midwood.

Thanks so much Andrea for sharing!


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