Brio Coastal Bar & Kitchen

This past weekend, we decided to check out the renovated and renamed Brio Coastal Bar & Kitchen. It’s been several years since I was last there (we went to celebrate my sisters medical school graduation and she’s now gone through her residency and has been working at a pediatric practice in her new hometown of Clinton, SC) and it’s completely changed. It went from having a Tuscany feel to what I’m assuming is a laid back Italian Coastal feel. Some of the former menu options remain along with a mostly revamped menu.


After looking over the menu for quite a while, mum decided to try out one of the options from their brunch menu (which I later wished I had gone with myself with a few substitutions to keep it dairy-free.) We finally decided on what we’d like to try.


PLT Benedict with Pancetta and Fruit

Mum enjoyed this spin on the Eggs Benedict which featured Pancetta (which she prefers over prosciutto) cream cheese hollandaise and arugula.

I went with the fish sandwich without the Sriracha honey and Brussel sprout slaw. I know that Brussel sprouts seem to be all the rage appearing all over menus and as a side with many of the food boxes that we like to get, but I think it’s safe to say that I will never be a Brussel sprout (or sweet potato) fan.

Crispy Fish Sandwich without the Sriracha honey and brussel sprout slaw

While the decor of the place was alright, the music was enough to make you feel like your head was in a blender. It went from everything from country music (which I will never be able to stand no matter how long I live in the South) to 70’s, indie girl rock and music with a caribbean flare.

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