Call me Bond… James Bond…


I know the movie has been out on DVD for ages, the Oscar win for Adele has come and gone… but theavidpen has been a little under the weather the past few weeks so I’m just now getting around to talking about the latest Bond film.

The Adele song was amazing. I couldn’t have been happier that the song won the an Oscar and that Adele has been asked to sing again for Bond 24. (To bad Sam Mendes isn’t coming back as director)

The movie… I really did enjoy it. Bond showed a vulnerability that I liked. It proved that he is human after all. Javier Bardem creeped me out… I’m not sure if it was just the blonde hair or the overall character… probably both.

The new Money Penny and Q… I am completely a fan, especially of the latter. Ben Whishaw is perfect as Q. I’ve been a fan since before I saw him in the BBC Series ‘The Hour’. (So sad that it’s not getting a 3rd season)

Skyfall was by far a better film than Quantum Solace, but I think Daniel Craig’s first turn as the quintessital British spy in Casino Royale is still my favorite.


While I was sorry to see Judy Dench end her time as M, I look forward to seeing how things progress with Ralph Fiennes as Mallory aka ‘the new M.’


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