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Art, and discovering new artists has been something that I have enjoyed for as long as I can remember and I’ve had the opportunity to interview several of my favorite artists over the past few years. So, when I found out about Carolyne Hallum, a Melbourne based artist through Instagram, I knew I wanted to reach out.

In this interview I had the chance to ask Carolyne some of the questions that had been running through my mind since I first saw her paintings.

1| When did you first become interested in being an artist? I’ve always dabbled in something and when my children were young, I had my own business painting ceramics and woodwork.  The business grew to where I couldn’t keep up with orders and so I closed the doors and concentrated on my children and going back to part time work.  In 2014, I decided to give painting a go and since then, I haven’t looked back.

2| Do you prefer acrylics over oils? I much prefer acrylics as I am too impatient for oils.

3| What inspires your art? There are so many things that inspire me like other artists, to current colour trends, magazine articles or even songs.  Traveling always helps me to get inspired as well.

4| Do you have a favorite artist who inspires you? There are too many to name but I will tell you they are artists that are like myself, where we are still learning and growing and trying to find our own balance.

5| Did you attend art school or are you self-taught? I am self-taught and I am still learning.  Some days you need to give yourself a little time just to play and move paint around and this is what I do daily. It’s hit and miss.

6| Do you paint from live bouquets, photos or just your imagination? Normally from my imagination or I see something and I bring that into the mix with other images I’ve seen elsewhere.

7| Where is your favorite place to paint? I paint in a little room in my house but for the larger pieces I have spread myself out into the lounge room.  I am dreaming of that perfect studio space but for the time being, this space is perfect.

8| How long does it typically take to create a new piece? It can take me 2 days or it can take me weeks or a month.  Just depends on your mood, the time frame you have or whether you are inspired.  I have to be in a zone for painting or else I can get easily distracted.

9| Out of all the pieces you’ve created, which piece has been your favorite? I’ve had a few that I have loved and have seen gone to lovely homes. My “French Provence Collection” has probably been one of my favourites to paint.

10| If you could see your artwork in any museum or gallery around the world, where would that be? Where I am with my art at the moment I really don’t see it in any to be honest.  One day I would love to exhibit my work but I am happy to wait until my work evolves a little more – it would be a dream to be asked.

This is more of a personal question for me, as this would be a dream come true!

11| I noticed that you’ve had workshops in Australia, would you ever consider having workshops in the States? I absolutely love doing the workshops, they take the students out of their comfort zones and gives them a chance to be creative and find their artistic skills which they didn’t think they’d have. To do a workshop in the States would be amazing as I have quite a few women over there that I have connected with. If you can get one organised, I will be there.

Along with creating her beautiful paintings, Carolyne’s work has now been made into beautiful tea towels and clutches which are available through her online blog.

If you’d like to follow along with Carolyne and see her latest pieces, you can follow along on her Instagram (@carolynehallumsart) and her blog as well.

Carolyne Hallum

Thank you so much, Carolyne for giving me such an amazing opportunity to interview you and share with my readers about your work.


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