Charleston – Day 2

February 24th, 2014

The first night on a ‘strange’ couch is never going to be an easy one. I was in a new (well, very old actually, but you get the drift) and in different surroundings. Different sights, smells and  what felt like killer jet lag (thanks to a night without sleep) I was no less ready to greet the day.

The sun was peaking through the windows by the time my mum came out of the bedroom for her morning relaxing time. I watched the leaves on the Magnolia tree outside the hotel room window, the quivering leaves feeling my heart with doubt that we would have any chance of warmth. So, while I waited for everyone else to get ready to go down to breakfast, I flipped back my iPad cover and watched another episode of the Korean Drama I’m currently enjoying. (Yes, I’ve fallen prey to Korean Dramas, only the really good ones mind you… and I’ve picked up quite a bit of basic conversation. I really do think it’s one of the most beautiful of the Asian languages… but I digress.)

When we finally headed down to breakfast at the Palmetto Cafe, I was starving. I don’t mean that nagging feeling that you might need a bit of toast, or a bowl of cereal. I’m talking proper starving. (As often as I’m hungry you’d think I’d be quite curvy instead of a slim 111, but I’m told I eat like a bird so that might explain the fact that I get the munchies several times a day.)

Now, for some pictures and a little less talking…err… typing.

Looks yummy yes? After breakfast we walked by a  few of the stories (Gucci and Louis Vutton) and into some others.

I brought along my Canon Rebel to get some pictures in the Park on the Battery, as well as hopefully some shots of Rainbow Row. (I will be adding theses to my photography section once I get a chance to upload them…) For now, here are some of the pictures I took with my iPhone.

I was lucky enough to catch one of the sailboats in the water, and with my larger camera I snagged a few picks of a seagull in flight along with more pictures of the water.

Moving on to Rainbow Row…

We never could have imagined how much traffic there would be passing the houses! We snapped a few photos when could both on our iPhone’s and my Canon, before heading over to the nearest Starbucks for a little caffeine.

Mine, Jane's, Mum's... left to right. Three Chai's is never a crowd.
Mine, Jane’s, Mum’s… left to right. Three Chai’s are never a crowd.

We had originally planned to find a restaurant or cafe closer to the hotel, but we happened to spot Saffron Cafe and Bakery, and decided to check it out. It is a place where Southern and Middle Eastern flavors mix. It’s part bakery/market/restaurant and it had what we were looking for. Lunch… and dessert for later.

I ordered a Turkey Club while mum and Jane shared hummus and chicken kabobs.

Turkey Club
Turkey Club
Chicken Kabobs
Chicken Kabobs

After picking up our desserts, we headed back to the shops near the hotel. We stopped by Anthropologie (love!) then the Savannah Bee Company where I picked up a cute bag, and some lip balms.

Time to pick up the car and head over the Charleston Museum… While I would have loved to have seen the actual Hunley, seeing a replica outside of the museum wasn’t a bad substitue.

Since we were going to have dinner at the Wild Olive on John’s Island, we decided to head out a little early to avoid any of the traffic. We drove down tree lined roads were branches nearly met in the middle. As we continued on to Kiawah and Seabrook Islands we hoped to get a chance to see the beach/ocean, but alas that was a no go… and by the time we got back to the little shops we’d spotted along the way, they were already closed.

Wild Olive was a pleasant surprise and the goat cheese/mushroom/arugula/noodle dish was delicious. Ashley and mum went with the special… Sweet pea and ricotta ravioli.

After dinner it was time to take the twenty minute drive back into the city, and the desserts waiting for us in our hotel room.

Orange (mum's) Strawberry/Banana cake (Jane's)
Orange (mum’s) Strawberry/Banana cake (Jane’s)
Oatmeal Raisin for me.
Oatmeal Raisin for me.

Well, that wraps up Day 2. Stay tuned for our final day in Charleston.


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