Charleston – Day 3

February 25th, 2014

A blueberry muffin and apple juice in your hotel room, accompanied by a little tele watching on the iPad is always a good way to start off your day.

While the valet was getting the car out of the parking deck and packing it up, Jane and I headed a few doors down to Whisk. She needed some caffeine and I was along for the ride. (Oh, and I wanted pictures of the place… but you’ll have to stay tuned to my foodie blog for those.) They’d only been open for a week but we were able to get some tea.

Peach Tea
Peach Tea + Succulent (well the plant had to stay, but at least I have the pic)

While mum checked out a needlepoint shop she recently started finishing for, Ashley and I scoped out the art galleries we would look at next and took a few more snaps of the city.

Now for some artsy pics from the galleries we visited.

Moving on to Goat. Sheep. Cow. A little cheese shop we noticed while trying to find a parking space. (It’s amazing the things you find while looking for one of those.)

Mom picked up some dark chocolate covered figs from Spain, while I bought some Rosemary + Thyme Torta’s from Seville. YUM! Plus the shop smelled absolutely amazing. If we didn’t have such a long drive back, we would have picked up some goat cheese.

We drove past the larger Caviar and Bananas next, but there was absolutely no parking places, and we were seriously starving by this point. (I should point out it was 1pm at this point, and we’d had an early breakfast.) So, onto Leaf it was.

Even though there was no room to sit outside, we were outside adjacent as the doors/ windows all opened up to the patio. We had the best of both worlds, a roof over our heads, but a nice cool fresh air from the outdoors.

After lunch we knew we had to look for one more chance to see the ocean up close and finally get our toes in the sand. I haven’t been on the beach since our move from California when I was young, so I had to take the chance where I could get it. So, off to Isle of Palms/Sullivan’s Island it was.

Over the big 'scary' bridge we go.
Over the big ‘scary’ bridge we go.

Disclaimer… I was not the one taking this picture.

So, the Atlantic is no Pacific… but it’s still the ocean and sand is still sand. There’s nothing like warm sand in between your toes, and the cool (or in this case freezing) wind coming off the water.

Well, until our next trip… Happy Travels everyone!


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