Christmas Tea + Gingerbread Houses | Ballantyne Hotel

Saturday, December 20th, 2014

This year we decided to do a little pre-Christmas extravaganza. On Friday we picked up our first ever piece of art for a future collection in Davidson at The Wooden Stone. (Stay tuned for the unveiling later in the post.)

Before the tea we checked out this years gingerbread houses @ The Ballantyne Hotel.

First one of our favorites…

Chateau Blanc
Chateau Blanc
Oh the Details!
Oh the Details!

Now for some fun details from some of the other entries…

Time to head over for tea…

I think they were going for a 'Frozen' look.
I think they were going for a ‘Frozen’ look.
While we waited for our tea to arrive... we decided to open our art.
While we waited for our tea to arrive… we decided to open our art.

Meet Edward… The amazing creation of the people behind Mullanium. They make the most amazing Steampunk birds ever and note… the binoculars actually work. (Everything is made from found objects so no two are alike!)

#1 Side View
#2 From the back...
#2 From the back…
#3 From the front... Kinda
#3 From the front… Kinda…

I did a picture of my tea and two of mum’s sandwiches and desserts this year. I have to say I’m really looking forward to trying afternoon tea @ The Ritz in uptown next year!

Stay tuned for the events from Sunday, December 21st. They were spectacular.


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  • Reply meljoy13 December 25, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    The gingerbread houses are amazing. I saw a display in Asheville one time. Such skill! And that bird is definitely unique. Looks like a treasure!

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