Ultimate Charcuterie Board

How To Create The Ultimate Charcuterie Board

This week has been filled with all sorts of goodness so far. I’ve shared about the Perfect Fall Tablescape, DIY Succulent Pumpkins and now I’ll share about the Ultimate Charcuterie Board that my sister, Ashley Jane put together for our afternoon at her home this past weekend.

Now, despite how intimidating some charcuterie boards you see on Pinterest can be, this one can be put together with ease once you have all of your ingredients together.

The Cheeses… Since my sister is Lactose-Intolerant and I have Dairy Allergies, she went with Lactose Free Cheese and two goat cheese options for me. (My mum enjoys cheese so she was enjoyed a sampling of both options.) All of cheese for this board were purchased from Ingles and the Lactose Free Cheeses included a wedge of Jarlsburg Cheese, Everything Bagel Cheddar Cheese, and Sharp Cheddar. The goat cheeses were an herb covered loaf and a honey goat cheese.

Ultimate Charcuterie Board
It’s always a good idea to have both sliced and spreadable cheeses as part of your board!

The Meats… For the meats she went with one of my favorites (prosciutto) and pepperoni for a bit of added spice. The prosciutto was absolutely delicious when I added a dollop of herbed goat cheese and wrapped the prosciutto around it.

Ultimate Charcuterie Board

Since Bruschetta is something we all love, having some sliced cherry tomatoes with a bit of olive oil, vinegar and herbs added is always a good option.

Ultimate Charcuterie Board
I love cherry tomatoes in a variety of colors, because it adds another touch of color to your board.

Breads… Having a selection of bread options gives you a bit of variety as well as adding to the all around look of your charcuterie board. For this board we had sliced french bread, breadsticks, toasted bread rounds and water crackers. The french bread was the perfect base for bruschetta and the crackers and toasted bread rounds worked well with both the sliced and spreadable cheeses.

Fruits & Nuts… for this board we had pistachios (a favorite of my sisters) and dried apricots (which we absolutely scrumptious!) Other suggestions… Figs always make a nice addition to a charcuterie board, and if you’re not a fan of pistachios, slivered almonds or walnuts can be attractive and delicious options.

Decor… For this board we had blackberries and sprigs of fresh rosemary to give an extra bit of color to our board.

Ultimate Charcuterie Board

What are your favorite things to have on your charcuterie board? Let me know in the comments below.

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