Davidson Harbor Club – 6/29


Last Saturday we went on our second adventure to Davidson, a small college town not that far away from Charlotte. Our mission, go to the Davidson Harbor Club. (We spotted the sign on the way back from the farmers market there a few weeks ago.)

We were very hungry by the time we arrived at the club, so we decided to have brunch first then have a little look around.

I went with Eggs Benedict. I’m always trying it at various restaurants to see whose the best. It wasn’t half bad, although the side item didn’t exactly um… float my boat.

My mum decided on the crab cake salad, another favorite item of hers. It was in the running for me, but crab cakes and I seem to have a love/hate relationship these days.

We had a bit of look around at the few nearby shops, and then it was time to head home. (It was a real scorcher that day!)


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