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On Saturday we attended a class by Maureen Collins of The White Azalea at Black Lion. I’ve always wanted to create a fairy garden (because I love whimsy!) so I was very excited when I happened to pop into Black Lion by chance the other day and found out about this class.

All you have bring with you is a container for your fairy garden and a bit of imagination. We already had the perfect container that had never really worked out for planting in, given the whole lack of drainage issue, and we decided it would be so much more fun to work on one fairy garden together instead of creating two separately in the class.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t have a container… there are plenty of options for you to purchase at The White Azalea’s shop on the day of the class.

Everyone in the class is given three draping plants for their fairy garden, it’s up to you if you use all three or not, but either way they are yours to keep.

Remember to only target water the plants in your fairy garden and be sure to test to see if the soil if damp before you water, so you overwater.

You’ll also receive a bird house, three graduated pots and stepping stones for your garden. Pee gravel and Miracle Grow is also provided.
Pee Gravel up to 1/2 inch and fill with dirt until it’s one inch from the top.

Next decide your focal point (it’s important to design your garden in a circle, and to place decorative items in odd numbers.)

At this point in the class you walk across the way to The White Azalea’s shop area, and look through all of the Fairy houses, fairies, and other fun items that you can add to your piece.

We brought over several different houses to our table before deciding on the perfect one…

Time to start planting and get those hands dirty.

Next we add in the moss.

Here’s a very important tip that Maureen pointed out. Preserved moss, like you see in our pot above, can only be used if your fairy garden is going to be indoors, or a screened in porch. Birds love preserved moss and will use it to make their nests, so if you are planning on putting your garden outside, then dig up some of the moss around the yard and the birds will leave it alone.

Checking out the placement of our fairy butterfly house, and thinking out our walkway.
Maureen showed us how to create the pebble path where our three walking stones could be nice a secure.
I just love the beehive and bees that we found for an added touch of whimsy along with our flowers and bird bath.

Before I show you the completed garden once we got it home and added our fairy and secured the house, here’s some of the fairy gardens made by our fellow classmates.

Our little fairy that a friend of mine gave me several years ago.
Our finished garden in it’s new home…

With our leftover plant, and some fairy tools that my mom made a little garden of her own.

For those of you who live in the Charlotte area and are interested in taking this class you can call 704-541-1148 to RSVP, and it’s $45 per person (if you come to the class in a group of two to make 1 fairy garden it’s just one charge of $45)

April 22nd

May 20th

June 24th

August 26th

This class was so much fun, and the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. I highly recommend it.



  • Reply Ashley March 27, 2017 at 9:25 am

    So pretty and fun!

  • Reply Melinda Nye March 30, 2017 at 7:39 am

    Your fairy garden was definitely the best from all those pictures. It turned out amazing! Your mom’s is super cute too.

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