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This Saturday we attended our third event at our local Pier 1. This particular event was all about Fall, and we would be going three mini workshops during the event. From Art Glass Pumpkins to Florals and throwing a Spook-tac-ular Halloween Bash, we would be learning all about how to incorporate the Fall items around the store into our own Fall displays.

As with the previous workshop Destination Style, it’s up to you which order you attend each workshop and since we’ve always loved the unique glass pumpkins that they have in store each year, we decided to head off to that workshop first.

Art Glass Pumpkins Workshop | Pier1

You can incorporate  your glass pumpkins into your table display, bookcases and around the house. For added height to your display, stack some books or decorate cake stands or incorporate some of the LED Pumpkins to give your display an extra bit of whimsy. The glass pumpkins are available in all sorts of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find something that will suit your personal taste.

Art Glass Pumpkin

We passed around one of the pumpkins during the workshop to see the detail that went into these glass pumpkins. Every pumpkin is handblown, hand-molded and sometimes even hand-painted. Each piece is unique, which makes them all the more special.

You can add a tall vase with fall florals to give your table a bit of added height… they also have wreath stands if you want to have a wreath be a part of your fall table display.
Have a tray of pumpkins…
Twinkle lights add an extra touch of whimsy, plus with their remotes you can set them to flicker which I absolutely love.
Add a bit of the woodlands to your display.

Next we headed over to the Vibrant Floral Refresh Workshop where we would learn all about different table decor using the florals available through Pier1 this Fall.

I really loved the warmth of this arrangement.
Add a bit of height with these leaves in a glass container with twinkle lights and one of the vase fillers available this Fall.
Use one of the Tiered Servers to display all of your favorite Fall items.

Last of all we popped over to the Halloween Entertaining Workshop to learn how to give your Fall table a Spook-tac-ular Halloween Makeover.

Little Witch hats…
Fun little glasses for all ages…


The next event is scheduled for Saturday, November 4th so be sure to RSVP for the Holiday Happenings event!

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