Flying High | Discovering Maui Part 1

Back in February my friend, Melanie Ostrove, took a birthday trip to Hawaii. Since I’ve never been there myself, I checked in with her to see how her trip went.

1| What made you choose Maui as your location for your birthday trip? I chose Maui because I wanted to go somewhere warm and I needed somewhere that was better than the Caribbean and Hawaii is a beautiful place. I was supposed to go to Hawaii last year with a relative but that didn’t work out so I decided that this year my birthday would be Maui. Plus I’m a beach person so the beauty of nature God’s creation and Kawaii is just the most peaceful beautiful looking place on the planet as far as I’m concerned.

Photos by: Melanie Ostrove
Photos by: Melanie Ostrove

2| Is this your first time in Hawaiian Islands? Yes, it was my first time in Hawaii.

3| What is the first thing you did upon arrival? On the first day I arrived since I didn’t do anything special. I checked in in my bed and breakfast and I went and got something to eat. The next day I went to Mount Haleakala which is a volcano about 10,000 feet up and watch the sunrise.


4| Where did you stay while in Maui? Would you recommend it to someone considering making a trip to Maui? I stayed at two places the bed-and-breakfast was called God’s Peace of Maui located in Makawao, also known as “the up country” this region of Maui is very rule and country you see a lot of sugarcane farms and is just very peaceful is not touristy at all. Yes, I would recommend it to someone there it’s a budget stay in a B&B.  The second place I stayed is called Napili Sunset Resort which is located in west Maui. With all the tourists, you’ll see the resorts are on that side of the island along with expensive condominiums etc.


5| How did you feel seeing your first sunset in Maui? Earlier that day I was very frustrated because I was checking out from one hotel and checking into another so I had to drive from one side of the island to the other and then there was a traffic jam which blocked my route to the hotel and it was the only route btw…..but all I wanted to do was go to the beach again. I did not want to waste any time as I had a short stay there but when I finally got to the beach and saw the sunset it was very peaceful and serene and it’s just you know a witness of God’s creation and His peace and His sovereignty. Most people probably live their whole lives and don’t really get to witness the true sunset specially if you live in the city but the only place you can really experience the true senses and top of the mountain or maybe at the beach on the horizon, it’s something I think everybody should make an effort to see.


6| What was the atmosphere like at the Luau? What was the favorite thing you ate? Favorite part of the experience? The luau was located at the Royal Lahaina Resort and Spa in Lahaina Maui and the atmosphere was sort of a family oriented there were a lot of couples a lot of families I sort of felt the oddball out because I was by myself you know on this solo trip. The meal was buffet…I really wasn’t impressed with the meal. They had fish pulled pork and salad you know some other things I really can’t remember now but it was just OK it wasn’t spectacular but then again I’m a foodie so maybe my taste buds are different, maybe I’m just a little bit picky. The luau entertainment itself was spectacular they even had fire dancers you know throw flames and it was just nice. The luau dancers tell the history of the Hawaiian islands. you can’t go to Hawaii not experience a luau. it was a great experience I can’t wait to go back.

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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    Very fun to read about! Hawaii is certainly spectacular!

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