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Here’s another post for the Flying High where I share the adventures of Melanie Ostrove, my former co-worker, who now living an exciting life as a flight attendant. This time she visited the well known city of San Francisco.

1| Was this your first trip to San Francisco? No, this wasn’t my first trip to San Francisco. It’s probably the third or fourth. Every time I come to San Francisco I learn something new or explore something new. There are endless places and things to learn about the city.

When I first visited San Francisco six years ago, my friend told me she believed I would love it, because New York is my favorite city in the US. She said it was the West Coast New York, and maybe that is still in my mind because it’s a coastal city surrounded by water, but San Francisco has a beautiful landscape, climate and endless sunshine as well.

The only downside is it usually doesn’t get any hotter than 75 degrees in spring/summer. You always need a jacket or a sweater.

Port of San Francisco
Port of San Francisco

2| What is like seeing the Golden Gate Bridge up close? The Golden Gate Bridge is exactly what it looks like on television. Some people think the bridge is orange or some other color but it’s actually red. It’s a bucket list item to walk, drive or walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and it’s something everyone should do.

I took a bike tour across and will definitely do it again. It’s beautiful and peaceful to stop along the way and take pictures as you get close to the bridge.

3| Did you plan on your biking trip or was it just spontaneous? I did plan my biking tour, on my prior trip to visit I was in the Fisherman’s Wharf District and saw a few biking stations. There are plenty of biking tours from different companies, but I chose Blazing Saddles because they have locations in other US cities as well.

Biking in San Fransisco
Biking in San Fransisco

4| The sandwich you had at Salito’s Crab House and Prime Rib looks delicious. What was it called and was it as yummy as it looks? The sandwich I had was called a crabwich with Dungeoness crab, tomato vinaigrette slaw and avocado.

Salito's Crab House and Prime Rib
Salito’s Crab House and Prime Rib

5| For those visiting San Francisco for the first time, what are some recommendation on things to see. For people who are visiting San Francisco for the first time they need to do a city tour of the whole town. The Haight-Asbury neighborhood made famous for the hippie subculture in the 60’s. The ‘painted ladies’ (the Victorian painted house featured in the opening credits of Full House,) Twin Peaks and Chinatown.

You can also take a drive down Lombard Street (this famous street zigzags down that hill that has been seen in a lot of commercials) and take a trolley tour of course.

Another recommendation is crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin Country to visit Sausalito and Oakland is another good choice.

6| I noticed you took a picture of one of trolley cars San Francisco is known for, did you ride one as well? I did not ride the trolley car on this trip because on my way to rent a bike for the tour, but I will definitely take one next time.

San Francisco Trolley
San Francisco Trolley

7| When you get back to San Francisco what is the first place you plan to visit?  When I go back, I want to visit the redwoods. The bike tour does continue into the redwoods and you would get to tour the redwood forest.

8| As far as large cities go (i.e. New York, Los Angeles) where does San Francisco rate for you? I’m always in New York and I’ve spend a lot of time in New York for year. It has to be one of my favorite cities. LA is definitely number three and New York and Chicago compete with each other in my heart sometimes. I’m in New York right now as I’m answering this, and both cities have their own unique flavor culture and style so who can really decide. San Francisco is number one in my heart and so is New York. Perhaps San Francisco can be my wintertime favorite and New York in the summer time, LOL.

Downtown SF
Downtown San Francisco

While on her trip, Melanie also visited Sausalito… Here are a few pictures from her visit.

Well, that’s it for this edition. Stay tuned for Melanie’s next adventure whether it’s in the US or abroad.


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