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Space Needle

This edition of Flying High comes from Seattle, WA. I knew we had to do a post about this West Coast city after seeing Melanie’s pictures of the well known Pike’s Market on her Instagram feed.

1| What was the place you wanted to see most in Seattle? Pikes Public Market was the main attraction for me on my first visit. When I think of Seattle, I think about the market expecially the fish market where they throw the fish. And then there is the original Starbucks located and Pikes Market (now there’s a Starbucks on every corner in America) but when people come to Seattle they have to say they got their coffee from the original Starbucks and the line is always long, so be prepared to wait for for your frappuccino.


2| What was it like going up in the iconic Space Needle? The Space Needle was nice you can see the whole city from there it almost reminded me of the Eiffel Tower because it’s the same feel, same concept. It’s a great photo opportunity for photographers at heart.


3| The Public Market looks amazing. What were some of the favorite foodie items that you saw? There is a apple cider booth at Pikes Market, I don’t know what special about it, but there’s something unique about the apple cider that’s sold there. There’s pastry stands and of course you have the fish and the fresh crabs. I have not eaten or sampled anything from the market.

4| Seattle Coffee Works or Starbucks? Seattle Coffee Works is good and Starbucks is obviously more popular, but I think both businesses are unique in their own way.


5| Out of the places you visited, what was your favorite? Pikes Public Market for now but there are many undiscovered attractions in Seattle that I have not experienced yet.

6| Where do you plan to visit the next time you’re in Seattle? I would really like to go visit Mount Rainier enter the Seattle underground it’s the old city Seattle was built on top of the old city back in the early 19th century early 20th century I don’t know the whole history behind that, but I heard the tour was amazing.

7| What would you say is the first place someone visiting the city should check out? They should go to Pikes Market and visit the original Starbucks if you have only 24 hours in Seattle that’s the main thing you should do. You don’t go to New York and not visit the Empire State Building, so I would encourage anyone to visit the Space Needle and visit Pike’s Market.

8| Was the weather as rainy as its reported to be? On my visit it was a clear sunny day but I’ve been there when it’s been overcast and a little dreary but hey Seattle does have sunny days after all, who knew?!

Melanie Ostrove | Seattle, Washington
Melanie Ostrove | Seattle, Washington

Thanks, Melanie. Looking forward to catching up with you on your next adventure!


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    i love visiting local markets too! and oh my, i would LOVE to try the original starbucks! 🙂

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