From Me to You: Rifle Paper Co.

Some people consider the art of letter writing as a dated past time. In the digital age of emails and text messages many have forgotten how exciting it is to walk out to your mailbox and find a letter waiting for you mixed in between those pesky advertisements and dreaded bills.

Since 2001 I have enjoyed corresponding with pen-friends around the globe, and while my circle of friends and letters might have decreased over the years, I still enjoy hearing about other places, travels and new found hobbies.

So, when I recently discovered Rifle Paper Co, I decided to purchase some fresh stationary to my repertoire.

The first item was for myself alone. New York City has long been on my list of places to visit in the US, so I thought a little artsy card would keep it in mind.

Single Cards $4.50
Single Cards $4.50

For writing to my pen-friends, I knew I had to have the Social Stationery it was the perfect blend of artsy and whimsy.

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These notecards are made from high quality card stock and you have an assortment of 12 with 4 styles to choose from.

Want these cards for your very own? Just click here to go to their website.  Happy Writing!


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