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I’m sure I say this every time I put together a list of my favorite Korean Dramas that I’m currently watching, but it has to be said… this is yet another list of absolutely amazing dramas that are in a variety of genres from crime to sci-fi with a bit of romance thrown in that will get your emotions going.

Chicago Typewriter

It’s almost impossible to put it into words how much I loved this show. The way it tied the historical parts of the show into the present were just amazing from the talented actors who played their roles perfectly, to the costumes and settings. If there was a Kdrama that I would suggest for a little binge watching… this one would be it.

Writers that lived under Japanese rule in the 1930’s are reincarnated into a bestselling writer who is in a slump, a mysterious ghostwriter and an anti-fan of the bestselling writer. – AsianWiki

Master of the Mask

The last drama I watched staring Yoo Seung-Ho was so tragic, so I went into this one knowing from the beginning that the Crown Prince would be going through hardships as he worked towards gaining the loyalty of his people in hopes of become the king they desperately need and to put a stop to the Pyunsoo hwe, and organization that has been ‘reigning’ over the kings of Joseon.

In the 1700’s, Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung-Ho) fights against Pyunsoo hwe. Pyunsoo hwe is an organization that has accumulated power and wealth through privatizing water all over Joseon. Crown Prince Lee Sun becomes a hope for the people who suffers. Ga-Eun is the woman Crown Prince Lee Sun loves and she helps grow as a ruler. – AsianWiki

Suspicious Partner 

Since Ji Chang-Wook decided that he wouldn’t be doing anymore action dramas, I found myself wondering how he would do in the romantic comedy genre. Suspicious Partner paired him with Nam Ji-Hyun (Shopping King Louie) and the chemistry between the two main characters as they work together to catch a killer was on point.


I’ve been enjoying the dramas that Yeo Jin-Goo has been starring for the past few years, and the fact that he can go for the main roles now instead of the younger version of the main characters in a drama is really allowing us to see his range as an actor. While this drama was a bit confusing at first, I’m really enjoying it so far.

Story is set in the present day and the year 2037. An alien comes to Earth. The alien believes human’s emotion should be controlled or they will have no future. The alien becomes involved with humans. – AsianWiki


This drama is about so much more than a revenge plot. There was a twist that I was half expecting early on in the drama, and I have to say I’m glad that Kim Young-Kwang (Sweet Stranger and Me, Pinnochio) is on the right side in this drama. I was also pleased to see Kim Seul-Gi (Oh My Ghost, Surplus Princess) in another drama role, and am looking forward to her getting some leading roles in future.

People lose loved ones in crimes and the criminals are not punished. The daily lives of these people are completely broken. They form a group to realize justice. – AsianWiki

Fight My Way

Park So-Joon (Hwarang, She Was Pretty) and Kim Ji-Won (Descendants of the Sun, Heirs) play friends who have grown up together since their small town days and now live directly across from each other now that they’ve made it to Seoul. Choi Ae-Ra (Ji-Won) dreams of becoming an announcer, while Dong-Man (So-Joon) works to overcome his past and rediscover his own gifts. What I love so much about this drama is the friendship that both of the main characters share, and how perfect they are for one another if they’d only just realize it.

Drama tells the story of Ko Dong-Man and Choi Ae-Ra. In their school days, Ko Dong-Man took part in taekwondo. Now, he makes a living by working as a contract employee and also goes after the UFC title. Choi Ae-Ra hoped to become an announcer, but she gave up her dream. Now, she works at the information desk of a department store.

My Sassy Girl

This remake of the 2001 movie is set back in the past instead of the present day and is the last drama we’ll be seeing from Joo Won for awhile since he’s entered mandatory military service.

Set in the Joseon Dynasty period, a romance takes place between cold-hearted Gyun-Woo (Joo Won) and Princess Hyemyung who causes troubles.

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