Greenville – Day Two

October 8th, 2013

We decided to start off our day with a little breakfast, so we headed down to the hotels Spoonbread Restaurant. On our way downstairs I took a few snaps of the interesting wallpaper lining the hallway.

Oriental details...
Oriental details…

Since opening in 1925, the menu of the Spoonbread Restaurant (named after the traditionally southern cornmeal dish)  has evolved, but the effortless southern charm has remained. The restaurant had a very nice open feel to it, and there were many breakfast options to choose from on the buffet. (Note: If your breakfast isn’t included in the room, like ours was, there is also a breakfast menu to choose from.) I went for the create your own omelette option, because when I’m not comparing one restaurants Egg’s Benedict to one another, I like a good omelette.

After breakfast we took out bags down and had the valet bring the car around. The weather had turned quite chilly overnight thanks to the storms and strong winds that came through overnight… so I went out alone to take some pictures of the surrounding buildings while mum waited indoors.

 After a quick stop over at a needlepoint shop my mom does finishing for, we headed over to Augusta Street, where we found some hidden gems we weren’t expecting… First a real French bakery, Legrand Bakery.

Now for the unexpected part of our journey… first we went to a kitchen shop, Foxfire. Where we got to see there amazing kitchen where they do cooking classes.

Last of all we have the Chicken Salad Chick, a little eatery that we were originally just planning on just getting a drink and headed back to Main Street but from the moment we stepped into the restaurant we were really impressed. (You can read more about the restaurant on a future post on my foodie blog.)

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my little Greenville trip.


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