Happy Bastille Day | The Needlework Finisher

Happy Bastille Day to my fellow Francophiles! I thought I would share this fun little scissor case that was both stitched and finished by The Needlework Finisher.


The bee is a symbol of french royalty and was the personal symbol of Napoleon and is often seen in many french designs. What I love about this piece is how the black background with gold bead accents just bring the piece together so nicely.

Want to stitch this piece for yourself? The canvas is by Whimsy and Gracer and can be purchased from Needlepoint.com.


If you loved seeing this personal piece of The Needlework Finisher’s, you’ll want to check out her Pinterest boards here. You can see both pieces she’s stitched and finished for herself as well as pieces that she’s finished for others.

~ The Needlework Finisher + theavidpen

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