Hello, from… Aruba Part 1

In this edition of Hello from we travel to the island of Aruba. My sister, Ashley Jane and her husband Mike recently took a five day vacation to the Caribbean island just off the coast of Venezuela. During their time on the island, they stayed at the beautiful Marriott Ocean Club and explored what the island had to offer.

View from the room.

What was the favorite part about your experience at the Marriott Ocean Club? Food in Aruba is EXPENSIVE (think $15 for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s) so we enjoyed having a hotel room with a full kitchen. After our first disappointing and expensive meal upon our arrival, we grocery shopped at Super Food and cooked or grilled the remainder of our meals.

One of the unmissable experiences during your time in Aruba, is visiting Flamingo Beach. Privately owned by the Renaissance Hotel, you can purchase day passes to spend the day enjoying the crystal clear waters, and taking photos with the flamingos who call the beach home.

What was your favorite part of your experience at Flamingo Beach? Flamingo beach was THE reason I wanted to go to Aruba. It’s free for those who stay at the Renaissance downtown but anyone else can purchase a day pass for $99/person. They only sell a limited number of day passes so you have to call first to see if they’re offering them that day (they don’t if their hotel is nearing capacity) and then it’s a first come/first serve starting at, I believe, 8am. I had read online and in the travel books that a day pass included a meal/drink at the island restaurant and 1 water sport activity (kayak, snorkel, paddle boat) but the water sport part was no longer accurate. My favorite part was obviously photographing the flamingos and trying to take a selfie with one. It was a bucket list item for sure.


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    Thanks for sharing our trip… it was awesome!

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