Hello, from… Aruba Part 2

Just in case you didn’t get enough of the sights in Aruba during the last edition of Hello, from. We are rejoining Ashley and Mike to hear about the rest of their vacation.

For any outdoor enthusiast, Arikok National Park is a must when visiting the island nation of Aruba, it takes up about 18% of the island and has directly influenced those who call Aruba home. Before you head out be prepared with plenty of water and sunscreen as you’ll work up quite a sweat!

Conchi Natural Pond – Perk to hiking: arriving between tour guide groups and having the pool to ourselves for almost a whole minute.

For those who would rather not hike the trail, you can take horses or ATV’s.

What was the most amazing sight from your hike? While most people elect to check out the natural pool (conchi) via ATV or horseback, hiking allows for more time to take in the scenery as it changes from full-on desert to breathtaking coastline views of the ocean. Hiking also allowed us to arrive between large tour groups and we had the pool to ourselves for a full minute or so. It’s very hot so definitely bring a lot of water!

Another activity that vacationers can to is a snorkeling cruise with Jolly Pirates. The boat takes along Aruba’s coastline to an area ideal for swimming and checking out the fish native to the waters around Aruba.

The Jolly Pirate Ship…

Mike takes the plunge…

Did you enjoy your snorkeling cruise and would you suggest it to others who are planning to make a trip to Aruba? While we snorkeled on most of the beaches we visited, I signed us up for the snorkel cruise with the Jolly Pirates because it would take us out to a shipwreck, the SS Antilla. The 4 hour excursion, which included an open bar, lunch, 3 snorkel spots and a rope swing was well worth the $60/person.


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