Hello from… Kavala, Greece

Source: www.enet.gr
Source: www.enet.gr

This edition of “Hello from…”  takes us to Kavala, Greece. The beautiful port city is sounded by both the Aegean Sea and pine covered mountains. It is also happens to be the hometown of my good friend and pen-pal of many years Alexandra Kyriakidou.

1| What is your favorite memory of your hometown? Teenage nights out, walking by the sea (portside) chatting with friends, enjoying the cold wind and the view from somewhere high on a cold, rainy and windy day, shopping with mum on sunny Saturday mornings.

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2| Favorite place to go shop, café? Coffee in any of the cafés by the seaport.

3| Favorite Holiday and traditions related to that holiday? Christmas with all the traditions like christmas tree, presents, good food, family, church (occasionally). And going quite back in time, playing with grandparents and thus making lifelong lasting memories of love. I also really enjoy Easter where we red eggs are crushed to each other to show who’s the winner, lamb is roasted on a stick for hours, and we can enjoy traditional Easter soup, sweet Easter breads along with great warm weather and amazing nature. What makes all these things special is begin able to enjoy them with family.

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4| Favorite culinary dish native to Greece? Oh, too many…how can I choose just one Greek dish? The above mentioned Easter soup, souvlaki, tzatziki, pastitsio, traditional meat balls… I really can’t choose!

5| There must be so much rich history surrounding Kavala/Fiillipi. The ancient theater and ruins belong to the ancient town of Filippi, which was founded by king Filippos II, father of Alexander the Great. At the same place there’s also Apostle Paul’s prison and really nearby there’s the baptistery of Lydia, who was the first European Christian. My village is also called Filippi and is just a few km away from the ancient Filippi.

6| What place would you recommend someone whose never been Kavala/Filippi visit first? The old town of Kavala called Panagia (Holy Mother) with the castle on the top of it (amazing view!), narrow streets among old turkish style houses, the famous luxurious hotel Imaret that’s placed in the same named historical building that has changed its functions many times since it’s founded in 1817. The old aqueduct called Kamares and, of course, the historical site of Philippi.

Thanks so much for sharing about with me, Alex!


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