Hello from… NYC Part 2

Here’s the second part of my sister and brother-in-law’s trip to the Big Apple. I couldn’t be happier that they were able to visit the ultimate foodies paradise, Eataly.

1| Where would you say is the place for views of the city? We did Top of the Rock at night and Empire State Building in the morning. Both gave excellent views.

2| Out of all the restaurant you tried what was your favorite? We didn’t try any nice restaurants… just looked on Yelp for highly rated restaurants in our vicinity when we got hungry.

NYC Bagel Breakfast

3| Out of all the amazing things in Eataly a.k.a. foodies paradise what was your favorite part? The pasta/pizza restaurant.

4| How was it riding the subway for the first time? The subway was a little confusing. Got on the W train going the wrong way first so had to get off at the first stop and walk back 5 blocks to get to the entrance for the station going the other way. Very crowded but not as bad as I’d expected.

5| Was New York City pizza as good as you were expecting? I would give the pizza an A+. Mike wasn’t as impressed as I was.

Here are some of my brother-in-law’s photos of their time in the city.



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